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Toyota MR2 AW11 6-Speed Transaxle Conversion

The information supplied here is intended to give a general overview of the procedure to mate a C-52 transaxle and a C-60 transaxle. It is not intended to give the exact details. It is presumed that anyone undertaking the job has the required special tools: gear pullers, hydraulic press, pre-load torque wrench, and various adjusting shims and washers.

The C-52, C-56, and the C-60 series transaxles are very similar. The only real difference is the bell housings and the number of gears. The C-56 is nearly the same as the C-52, but has a different bell housing to mate to the 1.8 liter 2ZZ engine found in the Celica. The C-60 is just a C-56 with an extra gear in it. There are enough parts that are interchangeable that this project is possible. Also, in order to keep using the AW11 axles in the new transaxle, we must use a differential from the C-52, so you may consider installing an LSD while it's all apart.

Gear Ratios:
1st: 3.166
2nd: 2.050
3rd: 1.481
4th: 1.166
5th: 0.916
6th: 0.725
Reverse: 3.250
Final: 4.529

To put it in simple terms, you need a good C-60 transaxle, a good C-52 transaxle and some time. The two can be mated to give a 6-speed for the AW11. However, finding a good C-60 can be difficult. Most used ones have trashed 2nd gear syncros. So it's a good idea to plan on replacing all the syncros as long as you're in there. Because we are using two different transaxle cases we must have a large selection of case adjusting shims and the pre-load must be checked.

WC Engineering can supply the AW11 C-62 (as we are calling it) transaxle to interested parties. Please see the information on our transmission service for details.

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