Diagnostic Techniques

Compression and Leak Down Testing
A couple of relatively simple tests performed by a competent person (either you or a professional technician) can provide valuable information.

5th Gear (Or Any Other Gear) Pop Out
Determining the cause of gear pop-out.

Optimizing Turbocharged Systems

Turning Up the Boost
The dynamics of turbo boost and the factors that affect it.

Comparing Turbo Specs
Using compressor maps to learn more about turbo characteristics.

Diesel vs. Gasoline Turbo Design
The differences between diesel and gasoline engines and how they affect turbo design.

Chargecooler Pumps: Electric vs. Stock
Optimizing your chargecooler system with the right pump.

High Performance Upgrades

Toyota C-5X Transaxle
All about the C-5x series of transmissions.

Toyota C-62 Transaxle
The Toyota MR2 AW11 6-speed transaxle conversion. General overview of the procedure to mate a C-52 transaxle and a C-60 transaxle.

Brakes: Bigger is Better?
All about the factors involved in designing brake systems.

Lotus Esprit ABS
Pros and cons of the Lotus ABS system on the S4 Esprit.

Upgrading an Elise to a Close Ratio Gear Set
It's surprisingly easy to do.

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